Cotati General Plan Update

Last updated: March 11, 2015

Cotati's General Plan has not been comprehensively updated since its adoption in 1998. The General Plan is an important planning tool, and is required to by state law to be be updated from time to time. This comprehensive update will ensure that information in the General Plan is current and that the General Plan's goals, action items, and land use plans are consistent with the community's vision for Cotati's future. The General Plan Update will take approximately two years. Throughout the update process, community involvement is welcomed and encouraged. Workshops and meetings will be held on a regular basis and the public will be invited to comment on the draft General Plan elements and the environmental impact report.

Overview of Update Schedule 
Visioning WorkshopsComplete
Planning Commission WorkshopsComplete: October 2012
Background ReportCompleted Fall 2011
Housing Element
Draft complete and reviewed by HCD
Draft General Plan Goals and PoliciesPlanning Commission review complete: October 2012
Preliminary Draft General Plan
Complete:  April 2013
Draft General PlanSeptember 2014
Draft Environmental Impact ReportSeptember 2014
Planning Commission Consideration
January 2015/February 2015
City Council Consideration
March 2015