General Plan

Last updated: April 17, 2015

Over the next two years, the draft General Plan will be prepared. As the draft General Plan and related documents, including the Issues and Opportunities Report and Existing Conditions Report, are published, they will be posted to this site.

Public Review Draft Housing Element (2015): The Public Review Draft Housing Element, a focused update to the Housing Element of the City’s General Plan, is available for public review and comment.  The Housing Element is required by State law to identify and analyze existing and projected housing needs in order to preserve, improve and develop housing for all economic segments of the community, and demonstrate how the City will accommodate its fair share of regional housing needs.  The City of Cotati is updating the Housing Element consistent with the requirements of State law.  The Public Review Draft Housing Element includes a Housing Program, which establishes goals, policies, and implementation actions to address the City’s housing needs through 2022. Read more about the Housing Element.

Revised Draft General Plan:  The Revised Draft General Plan (March 2015) includes revisions recommended by the Planning Commission at its February 17, 2015 hearing and will be considered by the City Council for adoption.

Public Review Draft General Plan
The Public Review Draft General Plan is being circulated with the Draft Environmental Impact Report (Draft EIR) for public review.  Comments will be received on the Public Review Draft General Plan and Draft EIR through October 24, 2014 as described in the Notice of Availability. 

Preliminary Draft General Plan:  The Preliminary Draft General Plan is based on public input received during the Visioning process and input provided by the Planning Commission.  The Preliminary Draft General Plan will be presented to the City Council.  Following City Council acceptance of the Preliminary Draft General Plan, an Environmental Impact Report (EIR) will be prepared that analyzes potential impacts associated with the General Plan and, if necessary, presents alternatives to the project.

Background Report: The Background Report provides a “snapshot” of current trends and conditions. The Background Report will serve as a resource for the Planning Commission in identifying issues and concerns and developing policy direction for the General Plan Update. The Background Report will also serve as the environmental setting discussion for the Environmental Impact Report (EIR) prepared on the General Plan.

Priorities and Issues Report:  The Priorities and Issues Report provides a summary of input received from the community, stakeholders, and decision-makers that informed the development of the Draft Goal and Policy sets and the Land Use Map Alternatives.  Specifically, the Priorities and Issues Report summarizes input received from the public during each of the Visioning Workshops and input provided by the Planning Commission during its workshops for the General Plan Update.

Draft Goal and Policy Sets:  Based on public input received during the Visioning process and input provided by the Planning Commission, the Draft Goal and Policy sets were developed.  The Goal and Policy sets will form the basis of the General Plan Elements.  Public input on the Draft Goal and Policy sets is requested, with an Open House being held on November 13, 2012 to provide an opportunity for public comment.

Adopted Housing Element:  The Draft Housing Element was made available for public review in November 2011.  It was subsequently submitted to the State Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD) in early 2012.  Following consultation with HCD, minor revisions were made to the Housing Element to address the requirements of State law.  The Housing Element was recommended for approval by the Planning Commission in November 2012 and adopted by the City Council on December 12, 2012.