General Plan Update Photo Contest

Last updated: March 11, 2015

Take Your Best Shot!
The Cotati General Plan Update Photo Contest will showcase photos of what makes Cotati a unique and special place to live and do business.  The photo contest categories are:  The Hub, Architecture, Community Life, Going Green, and The Essence of Cotati. 

Entry & Submissions

Anyone who lives or works in Cotati is invited to submit up to three photos by June 30, 2013.  Submissions must be a .jpg file with a minimum resolution of 360 dpi, no more than one year old, and must not be altered in any way other than cropping. Please click here to submit a photo.  Photo submissions, including the entrant's name and photo title, will be posted to this page daily, Monday through Friday.

Winning Photos
One winner and one runner-up will be selected after January 15, 2013 in each of the  categories.  The Best of Show winning photo will be featured on the cover of the General Plan. Other winning photos will be featured on the General Plan Update website and in the General Plan and related documents.

Submitted Photos